Mosaics Design

Mosiac Types

What Are Mosaics

Mosaics are produced from an assembly of small individual pieces of glass, stone or other materials put together to create an image. The effect can be extremely impressive and the attractiveness of mosaics has been recognised for thousands of years.

Recently the popular appeal of mosaic art has soared and an increasing number of people appreciate how such works of art can enhance a space be it indoors or out.

The materials used to make mosaics are captivating in themselves – glass, gold, marble, semi-precious stones and ceramics. They offer vibrant colours or subtle shades often glowing with rich lustres and iridescence. Such properties capture the light and reflect in such a way that the effect is almost self-illuminating.

The tesserae are hand-cut pieces of any shape arranged in close tessellation to form a pattern or a picture.  The mosaic made may be of an illustration or it may be representative or abstract in nature. The finished creation can  be fixed to the ceiling or floor or displayed as a mural. The mosaic may be hung on a wall or be the decorated surface nof a free standing object or sculpture.  You can use mosaics in all sorts of imaginative ways to enhance your environment.