Mosaics Design

Mosiac Types

Work Examples

Mosaics are produced from an assembly of small individual pieces of glass, stone or other materials put together to create an interesting image.

The range of mosaic designs include:

  • Stylised creatures – such as lizards, fish, dragonflies and other insects.
  • Floral designs
  • Art nouveau
  • Art deco
  • Images of famous people or icons
  • Classical Roman inspired designs.

Designs can be created for any purpose or situation:

  • Gardens - decorative art complements green spaces.
  • Fireplaces - mosaics can enhance the character of feature fireplaces.
  • Kitchens - perhaps you have an area of wall that you'd like to decorate with a suitable mosaic.
  • Bathrooms - you might like to commission small bathroom design pictures.

Janet can also do mosaic design table tops, house numbers and signs.
She can apply mosaic adornments and mosaic designs to 3 dimensional features.
Some of what Janet has created isn’t ready for sale but could be re-created on a commission basis.